The Central Electoral Commission accredited the first international observers for the autumn mayoral elections

The Central Electoral Commission has accredited the first international observers to monitor the general local elections on November 5, 2023. The CEC adopted the relevant decision on August 11.

Thus, two international observers from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moldova were accredited. The deadline for submitting applications for the accreditation of observers is October 28, 2023.

The commission approved a regulation on the formation and registration of initiative groups and the compilation, submission, and verification of signature sheets.

The document establishes the procedure for setting up and registering initiative groups, drawing up signature sheets, the procedure for collecting signatures and deadlines for their submission and verification, and the duties of the persons who collect signatures of supporters.

For general local elections of the current year, the registration period for initiative groups (as the case may be) and (or) the issuance of signature lists in support of independent candidates begins after the formation of lower-level electoral bodies.

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