The Constitutional Court gives its verdict. Tuesday to announce whether “European integration” can be inserted into the Constitution 

On Tuesday, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Moldova will issue a ruling on the complaint regarding the conduct of the EU accession referendum and the inclusion of the objective of European integration of Moldova in the Constitution. The ruling was requested by PAS MEPs and will be based on the Court’s opinion.

The PAS proposal suggests that the European integration of the Republic of Moldova could be a strategic objective of the country, as stated in the Constitution. The draft amendment to the supreme law proposes supplementing the document with the following provisions:

“The Parliament shall determine the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the Treaties establishing the European Union and the acts revising them by using an organic law. After accession, the provisions of the Treaties establishing the European Union and other binding Community regulations shall take precedence over contrary provisions in domestic laws, subject to the provisions of the Act of Accession.”


The referendum on Moldova’s accession to the EU could take place on 20 October 2024. In the poll, citizens would be asked “Are you in favour of Moldova’s accession to the European Union”, reads the text of the document sent to the High Court.

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