The Diverse Repertoire of Geneza Art Theater: A Journey through Colors and Stories

The Geneza Art Theater is one of Moldova’s independent theaters. It was established in January 2010 with its inaugural performance titled “Blue Flower,” paying homage to the renowned poet Mihai Eminescu’s “blond angel,” poet Veronica Micle.

In 2017, the Theater embarked on its eighth season, boasting a repertoire of approximately twenty productions, ten of which are currently staged. The primary aim of the theater is to promote young actors and present a diverse repertoire that appeals to all age groups. It strives to capture the essence of life by drawing inspiration from various states and situations. The theater combines classic elements with a contemporary vision in every sense.


Each performance possesses its distinct character and is created with a collective ambition. The stage design plays a significant role, embodying a non-conformist and personalized style and aesthetics. The theater actively opposes stereotypes within the art of theater and enthusiastically embraces daring experimental endeavors of great significance.

The Theater’s productions have received recognition and awards at festivals. Some performances have been nominated for the “UNITEM Gala,” and a few have been broadcasted on television screens by the Public Company Teleradio-Moldova (TRM).

The performances of Geneza Art Theater are as follows:

  • “Blue Flower” – directed by L. Burlaca
  • “The Thieves and the Muse from Burdujeni” – directed by L. Burlaca
  • “The Tear” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “The Song of the Swan” – directed by E. Gaju
  • “The Girl from the 13th Floor” – directed by E. Gaju
  • “Home” – directed by L. Burlaca
  • “Here is the Woman I Love” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “The Beautiful Journey of the Panda Bears” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Dorian Gray” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Talking with Emma” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “4 Mom” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “The Chairs” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Madam Bovary” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “The Black Box” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “It’s Your Time” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Coco Chanel” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Invitation to the Waltz” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “The Human Voice” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Labyrinth” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “Gardenia” – directed by D. Burlaca
  • “The Perfumer” – directed by D. Burlaca

Children’s performances:

  • “Adventures with Păcală” – directed by L. Burlaca
  • “The Old Woman’s Daughter and the Old Man’s Daughter” – directed by L. Burlaca
  • “The Tree of Stories” – directed by L. Burlaca
  • “The Flower of Wishes” – directed by L. Burlaca

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