EU and Sweden Join Forces to Support Civil Society Organizations in Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Moldova

Today, the Eastern Europe Foundation, in partnership with the CONTACT Center and Keystone Moldova, organized the contract signing event for the grant competition “Supporting Non-Governmental Organizations in the Efforts to Promote the Concept of Social Entrepreneurship.” The grant program, with a maximum implementation duration of 18 months, is implemented with the support of the European Union and Sweden. Its purpose is to support non-governmental organizations in their efforts to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Five non-governmental organizations have been selected to receive grants for promoting the concept of social entrepreneurship at the national and local levels in the Southern, Central, and Northern regions of Moldova. These organizations will conduct awareness campaigns at the regional level, targeting school students as well, and promote funding opportunities for social enterprises.

Each organization has received a grant of 24,000 euros, with a total funding amount of 120,000 euros.

“The European Union actively supports the creation and development of social enterprises, as they generate employment, especially for groups of people who find it difficult to secure jobs for various reasons. To contribute to the creation of as many social enterprises as possible, it is necessary to ensure effective communication about the opportunities and benefits offered by this sector, both for social entrepreneurs and the community. Therefore, I am convinced that the awareness campaigns conducted by the five NGOs will have a positive impact and increase the level of awareness of the importance of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova,” stated Aurica Butnari, Program Manager at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

The non-governmental organizations benefiting from the grants within the program are: “Inima Nordului” Association, “Cahul 2030” Association, “Eco Visio” Association, “Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship (APA)” Association, and “LEX XXI” Association.

“As a member of this community and a supporter of social enterprise development, I want to underline the crucial importance of these businesses in our society and acknowledge the remarkable efforts of non-governmental organizations in promoting them. Social enterprises are innovative pillars of sustainable social and economic change. They represent a new paradigm in entrepreneurship, where the primary goal is not just profit but also the generation of a positive impact on our communities and the solving of social problems we face. It is commendable that through NGOs, these social enterprises are brought to the forefront and promoted among the general public. They are the artisans of this mission of awareness and education, drawing attention to the importance and benefits of social enterprise development in our society,” declared Sorin Mereacre, President of the Eastern Europe Foundation.

“I want to emphasize the vital importance of non-governmental organizations in promoting social entrepreneurship and generating significant impact in our communities. Through their tireless efforts and passion for addressing community problems, these NGOs become catalysts for social change and support the development of social enterprises in an innovative and sustainable manner. This is one of the main reasons why NGOs are suitable for promoting social entrepreneurship,” affirmed Dina Șevcenco-Donțu, Program Coordinator at the Eastern Europe Foundation.


Keystone Moldova and the CONTACT Center, the partners of the Eastern Europe Foundation in this program, play a crucial role in promoting and supporting social enterprises by providing mentoring, consulting, and access to resources and funding. Through their actions, they have created networking platforms and facilitated collaborations between social entrepreneurs and the business environment, promoting the exchange of ideas and social innovation.

This action is carried out with the financial support of the European Union and Sweden. The content represents the sole responsibility of the project “Harnessing the Potential of Civil Society to Promote and Develop Social Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova,” funded by the European Union and co-financed by Sweden, implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation in partnership with the CONTACT Center and Keystone Moldova.

The Eastern Europe Foundation is a non-governmental organization that promotes the development of civil society and supports sustainable development initiatives in the Republic of Moldova. The foundation is committed to facilitating regional exchanges and cooperation, promoting democratic values, human rights, and good governance.

The CONTACT Center is a non-governmental organization with experience in the field of social entrepreneurship and community development. The center provides technical support and consultancy for non-governmental organizations and social enterprises, contributing to the creation of a favorable environment for sustainable economic development.

Keystone Moldova is a non-governmental organization with a mission to promote sustainable and inclusive community development in the Republic of Moldova. Keystone Moldova supports non-governmental organizations and social enterprises in the development and implementation of innovative social and economic projects.

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