The EU donated equipment worth 125 thousand euros to the Audiovisual Council

The European Union supports the activity of the Audiovisual Council (CA) which is related to the monitoring of audiovisual content, through a donation of equipment.

The Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, HE Jānis Mažeiks, visited the Audiovisual Council on Thursday, to donate to the regulatory authority 45 computers, 46 uninterruptible power supply devices (UPS), 16 laptops, 8 monitors, two servers, as well as 55 licenses for different types of software. The total value of the donated equipment is 125 thousand euros.

In order to ensure fair regulation, the CA will supervise the impartial and balanced reflection of information, including the correctness of the representation of the situation in the region, the presence of local audiovisual programs, equal space for electoral competitors, ensuring gender equality within the audiovisual programs. All this is monitored in a wider way, thanks to the equipment donated by the European Union, through Internews.


Ambassador Jānis Mažeiks stated that the European Union aims, through its contribution, to modernize the CA’s technique and increase the capacities of the staff responsible for controlling audiovisual media content.

The President of the Audiovisual Council, Liliana Vițu, said that the donation from the European Union will increase the efficiency of the regulatory authority, the monitoring of audiovisual contents being one of the seven objectives that the CA members have set for 2023.

The CA will focus this year on the control of the program services of audiovisual media service providers in terms of:

  • coverage of local elections;
  • compliance with the General Concepts of program services;
  • respecting the provision of correct information;
  • compliance with the provisions regarding local audiovisual programs;
  • protecting the national audiovisual space;
  • protecting the linguistic and cultural-national heritage;
  • compliance with the conditions for placing advertising.
  • The current composition of the Audiovisual Council began its mandate on December 16, 2021, for a period of 6 years.

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