The EU Grants €13 Million to Help Moldova Overcome the Energy Crisis

In an effort to support the Republic of Moldova in the face of the energy crisis and contribute to the fight against climate change, the European Union has generously allocated 13 million euros.

This remarkable financial support has been granted through the “Addressing the Impact of the Energy Crisis in the Republic of Moldova” program, successfully implemented by UNDP.

Over the past two years, this program has been essential in helping Moldova overcome the energy crisis, particularly through the establishment of a compensation system for 800,000 energy-vulnerable families.

n the long term, the program has had a significant impact by facilitating the implementation of key European directives in the field of energy and by carrying out pilot programs aimed at reducing energy consumption. These promising initiatives will later be taken over by the authorities.

Furthermore, the program includes a green energy component, involving the installation of photovoltaic panels with a total capacity of 1 MW in five major district hospitals in Moldova, namely Florești, Nisporeni, Ștefan Vodă, Cahul, and Călărași.

These panels will annually generate approximately 1.2 GWh of green electric energy and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 585 tons of CO2eq.


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