President Maia Sandu’s Vision for Moldova’s EU Accession: Challenges and Hopes

The Republic of Moldova enjoys the support of EU member states; however, the authorities in Chisinau must make efforts to persuade all member states to make a positive decision for our country. President Maia Sandu stated in an interview with a television station in the Republic of Moldova that the EU Council will announce its decision regarding the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine’s accession negotiations in December.

“We will find out the response in December, at the meeting of the European Council. In October, the European Commission will publish the evaluation report, and the government needs to provide updated information for this report this week,” Maia Sandu declared.

According to the president, the Republic of Moldova has undertaken “serious” commitments and is focusing its efforts on promoting our country. Additionally, Maia Sandu mentioned that in this process, some countries readily support EU enlargement while others are not enthusiastic.

“We are in a good position; we have a lot of support, but we need to convince all member states and European institutions and continue discussions to reach a positive decision,” the head of state stated.

In the president’s opinion, the most important reform is in the field of justice. She emphasized that it must be credible and implemented according to procedures. The reform is taking time because it faces resistance from within the system.


“Many people within the system do not agree with it; there are people who want to make decisions as they wish, not as the law requires, and they want to be able to take bribes. This resistance creates obstacles. We are in the process of cleansing; we had to create mechanisms from scratch, external mechanisms. It took some time, and we need to insist on the cleansing process,” the president opined.

Maia Sandu also mentioned that the EU will decide on the opening of negotiations for the Republic of Moldova simultaneously with Ukraine. The head of state welcomed the reforms promoted by Ukraine.

“The decision will be made for both states with the same approach. It’s impressive that Ukraine manages to defend its citizens, go on the offensive, and promote reforms. It’s important for us that Ukraine moves in this direction. It’s important for Ukraine that the Republic of Moldova moves towards European integration,” Maia Sandu stated.

In June 2022, the European Council decided to grant candidate country status to the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The authorities in Chișinău hope to initiate accession negotiations by the end of the year.

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