Award-winning Moldovan Filmmaker Dumitru Grosei Shines at the International Haiku Film Festival

The film “Dante Cafe,” directed by Dumitru Grosei in 2018 in the Republic of Moldova, won the Golden Screen Award, the trophy of the 13th edition of the International Haiku Amateur Little Film Festival 2023. The festival took place in the city of Kerala, India.

According to the jury, the award was presented to Dumitru Grosei because “the author uses an innovative approach to image editing and sound mixing to capture a simple event filmed with a steady camera. This film evokes complex ideas about life and death, translated into a cinematic environment.”


Also at the same festival, another film by director Dumitru Grosei, “Scrisoare de pe frontul de est” (Moldova-Germany, 2023), released this year, received the Runner Up Award.

This award was given because it “skillfully experiments with various cinematic techniques to provide an engaging and visually captivating experience.” The film “Scrisoare de pe frontul de est” has also been selected at several other festivals in the USA, France, Germany, and Armenia.

The International Haiku Amateur Little Film Festival was first organized in 2011. It aims to encourage very short films and directors whose primary intention in their creation is not financial gain but the creative process itself.

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