The EU made huge investments in Moldova since autumn. See how much

The European Union supports the Republic of Moldova both through funds offered as budgetary support and through programs implemented in various fields that contribute to the modernization and democratization of the country. The ambassador of the European Union in Chisinau, Janis Mazeiks, says it. According to the diplomat, the 250 million euros announced by the president of the European Commission in November are intended for the efficient management of the energy crisis and the refugee crisis.

Present in Chisinau, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced that the European Union offers the Republic of Moldova 250 million euros, which is almost 5 billion lei, according to

Of the total amount, 100 million euros are grants, another 100 million are offered in the form of loans, and 50 million represent budget support. The head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau says that the money will be spent on managing both the energy crisis and the refugee crisis.

“The 250 million euros announced by the president is new support, the money comes in addition to the financial aid provided previously. Since the fall of last year, the EU together with Team Europe has offered 840 million euros in the form of grants and loans. Some of this money is very visible, for example, the support offered by the EU in the form of budget support for the energy sector. Last year the EU granted 60 million euros to provide compensation, and this year, as early as August, the EU provided 75 million euros for this purpose. Of the 250 million euros announced, part of the money may not be seen as direct funds, the funds intended for refugees, except for host families, will not be visible to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova,” said the head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, Janis Mazeiks during an interview on Radio Moldova.

Also, according to the diplomat, the EU will continue to invest in strengthening the defense capabilities of the Republic of Moldova, providing equipment for the modernization of the National Army.


The EU ambassador in Chisinau also says that the European Union will continue to support and monitor the justice reform in the Republic of Moldova, both in the pre-vetting chapter and in the process of extraordinary evaluation of judges and prosecutors.

“The EU also provides support that is not necessarily financial for strengthening the defense sector. This year, through the peace program of the European Union, we offer 40 million euros of support for the defense sector, which is non-lethal support, that is, vehicles, communication equipment, and software. We also have about 100 projects underway across the country. There is no area where the EU does not provide assistance, including, agriculture, media, support for businesses, we provide support for the reform of the justice sector. For next year, the priority is the justice sector, because it has been a problematic area for many years. The second sector we will insist on in 2023 is supported in the energy field, the country has already achieved quite a lot to increase its energy resilience, but there are still many things to do”, said the European diplomat.

In addition to the 75 million euros offered by the EU for compensation, the German Government offered Chisinau another 40 million euros, money that will be found in the Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund.

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