The European Union has a positive impact on both sides of the Prut

The Joint Operational Programme Romania – Republic of Moldova 2014-2020 is bringing significant improvements to the lives of citizens on both sides of the Prut River, thanks to the European Union. Investments in infrastructure, education, health, culture, and transport have brought tangible benefits to communities in both countries. The safety and security of citizens is guaranteed.

The final conference of the programme was held in the city of Chisinau on 14 March under the title “Common Borders, Common Solutions”. The event brought together representatives of programme management structures from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, diplomatic missions, partners, and project beneficiaries. It provided them with a platform to share successes and lessons learned.

“During the implementation of the Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020, several benefits have been witnessed, including the modernization of schools and hospitals, improvement of road infrastructure, and protection of cultural and historical heritage. The programme has also contributed to the prevention of climate change and the safety of citizens in both countries,” said Jānis Mažeiks, Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

The programme has had an enormous impact on the lives of citizens on both sides of the Prut, through massive investment in medical infrastructure and the upgrading of communication networks and border crossings.


The implementation of major investment projects has significantly strengthened emergency response capacity, upgraded border crossings, and improved communication infrastructure.
The conference showcased the programme’s significant accomplishments, such as investments in healthcare, culture, transportation, and education.

In addition to significant investment, the programme has also supported the development of skills and innovation in the cross-border area. This has promoted adaptation to the labour market, professional skills, and entrepreneurship.

Through joint efforts, the European Union, Romania, and the Republic of Moldova continue to strengthen cooperation and provide opportunities for growth and development in the region.

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