The Faculty of Law present at the Folk Port Celebration at USM

For the third consecutive year, the Faculty of Law is participating in the Folk Port Celebration (Ie Celebration) and the performances of the top students, organized at the State University of Moldova.

The event took place at the central university campus, with the participation of the Minister of Education and Research, the management of USM, the administration of the Faculty of Law, professors and students, the faculty’s partners, and the students’ relatives.

Nearly 20 Law students, along with professors, proudly marched in the Faculty Parade on the pathway of the central campus, wearing traditional folk costumes. The event provided an opportunity to support, encourage, and promote the wearing of traditional Moldovan costumes.

During the organized celebration, the Faculty of Law set up a tent in the spirit of the folk port celebration, adorned with straw bales, carpets of ancestral heritage, and traditional Moldovan dishes. This act of respect towards the “ie” (traditional blouse) has become a symbol of cultural identity in the Republic of Moldova.

In setting up the festive tent, the Faculty of Law was supported by the associated law firm Cobzac & Partners, recognized as one of the top law firms in the Republic of Moldova. The administration of the faculty extends sincere thanks for the support provided and the ongoing dedication to the goal of legal education.


During the same event, at the “Performance Gala,” the achievements of the top students at USM were celebrated. One by one, the students with the best results from the Faculty of Law took the stage at the university campus: Evelina Descălui, Veronica Pozneacova, Valeria Gordati, Nicoleta Budurin, and Laurenția Goreacii, who were honored with Honorable Mention Diplomas and gifts from the University (books).

For your information, the International Day of the “ie” (traditional blouse) is celebrated annually on June 24th. The “ie” is a traditional festive shirt made of white fabric, typically cotton, linen, or silk, adorned with beads and embroidery on the sleeves and neckline. The design is relatively simple: a rectangular piece of fabric, cut round at the neckline and reinforced with twisted cord. The technique of decorating the “ie” has been passed down from mother to daughter, which has preserved the tradition and taste from one generation to another.

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