The government has given up on turning off the street lights at night

The government has abandoned the suspension of street lighting during the night. The announcement was made by Constantin Borosan, secretary of state in the field of energy at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development, during the show “Территория свободы” with Lilia Buracovschi, on RliveTV.

“In the plan developed by the Government there are 35 measures, regarding the reduction of the consumption of energy resources. Street lighting is only one of these measures. After a series of consultations, we decided to abandon this idea and leave it only at the recommendation level. The MAI gave a negative opinion and they suggested that we give up,” said Borosan.

The secretary of state agreed that the experience of other states has shown an increase in the crime rate at night where the lights are switched off.

We remind you that the Government has prepared an action plan to overcome the energy crisis, in the 2022-2023 heating season. According to the document, if necessary, students will switch to online studies, and street lighting could be disconnected at night.


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