Nicu Popescu: Neutrality does not mean demilitarization!

Neutrality does not mean demilitarization and external isolation. This is what Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu said during a TV-show, on August 10. He added that, according to the neutrality status of the Republic of Moldova, provided by the Constitution, investments in the national army and in strengthening defense capabilities are not excluded.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that the enormous sums announced by the external partners of the Republic of Moldova can be found both in the state budget for the payment of energy compensations and in infrastructure projects, the effects of which we will feel later.

The head of diplomacy from Chisinau considers that the Republic of Moldova should rely on external support and the modernization of the national army. “Defense has been neglected for 30 years, and neutrality costs more than membership of a military bloc”, the official said.


“There was no investment in the modernization of the army, in the acquisition of equipment and weapons. Since September of last year, we have launched discussions to include the Republic of Moldova in the so-called European Peace Facility, which is an assistance program from the EU for the armies of partner states. The first assistance package offered to the Republic of Moldova was announced in December. Yes, we are a neutral state according to the Constitution, but neutrality does not mean demilitarization. Neutral states even more than alliance states need strong, modern, functional armies that can defend neutrality”, Nicu Popescu pointed out.

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