The government invests 90 million euros in renovation and energy efficiency of 3% of public institutions

The government will invest 90 million euros over the next three years to renovate and improve the energy efficiency of 3% of public institutions in Moldova. The Cabinet of Ministers today approved the Renovation Programme of the buildings of specialised central public administration authorities for 2024-2026.

The program’s goal is to ensure the energy efficiency of public buildings and compliance with the energy efficiency requirements stipulated by the legislation.

The document establishes the list of buildings to be renovated, the energy efficiency measures and the corresponding costs. In total, more than 106,000 m2 of public buildings will be renovated and energy efficiency improved, which will save about EUR 3 million per year.

The program’s implementation will improve and strengthen the country’s energy security by increasing energy efficiency, sustainable development, saving primary energy resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


“By renovating public buildings, they will receive energy efficiency class “B” and higher. In this way, we will reduce energy costs and improve thermal comfort. At the same time, we will encourage the private and residential sectors to invest in energy efficiency,” said Energy Minister Viktor Parlikov.

The program is financed by the Government with the support of development partners under the project “Energy Efficiency in the Republic of Moldova,” co-financed by the EU, EBRD, and European Investment Bank, and partly with funds from the project “Environmental Energy Production and Energy Efficiency” financed by the German Government.

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