The government supports businesses affected by the crisis

Companies that reduce their activity schedule due to the crisis generated by the war in Ukraine or other emergency situations can benefit from help from the Government. This support was instituted, for the first time, in November 2021. Thus, 50% of the salary of employees included in the reduced work regime was provided from the state budget.

In accordance with Government Decision no. 333, from November 10, 2021, the reduced activity regime can be established for a period of up to 3 consecutive months, but not more than 5 months per year.


The procedure is simple: employers fill out a form, under their own responsibility, which they submit to the electronic reporting counter –, at least 5 working days before establishing the reduced activity regime. Based on the form and the employer’s declaration, thus submitted in electronic format, the National Employment Agency issues a decision of acceptance or refusal.

“In order for the economic agent to keep its employees during the period when the company has a lower workload, the Government comes with a support and covers part of the employees’ salaries. Since the implementation of this measure, around 500 employees have benefited from aid. We have allocated around 800 thousand lei in this regard”, said Felicia Bechtoldt, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection.

Employers can still request help for paying the salaries of employees placed on reduced work regime, by filling out a form on

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