The government will offer 1,500 lei for pensioners and 4,000 lei for children

The budget adjustment comes with good news for pensioners and employees in the budget sector. The Minister of Labor and Social Protection says that in the state budget rectification project, funds are provided to provide pensioners with a one-time aid worth 1500 lei for pensioners and a salary increase for public sector employees. Also, thanks to the support of UNICEF, over 20 thousand families with children will receive 4000 lei each for the needs of the new school year.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection says that all pensioners who have pensions of less than 5 thousand lei will receive a one-time aid of 1500 lei this year.

“In the budget rectification, funds will be provided to provide a payment to pensioners who have incomes lower than 5 thousand lei, in the amount of 1500 lei. It is a unique support for pensioners. Pensioners who have very low incomes benefit from social aid, aid for the cold period of the year, but this payment will come additionally,” said Marcel Spatari during the “Rezoomat” show.

In order to cope with inflation, the employees in the budgetary sector will also benefit from support from the state. All those with salaries lower than 15 thousand lei will receive a salary increase.


“Also, for employees in the public sector, an increase in the reference value used to calculate the basic salary is foreseen by 6% and additionally there will be an inflation increase in a fixed amount of 3 thousand lei, which will be offered either once or for 3 months 1000 lei each. It is clear that in this budget rectification additional money will be allocated for retirees and for employees in the budget system, but not for a percentage increase that will be for everyone. Because a percentage increase if it were 10% for someone who has a salary of 15 thousand lei, it would be 1500 lei, but for someone who has 4000 lei it would mean 400 lei. That’s why we have to offer a sport that is fair for everyone up to a certain threshold, it will be 15 thousand lei for employees in the public sector”, said Marcel Spatari.

The Minister of Labor and Social Protection says that families whose children go to school on September 1 will also benefit from support. The project is supported with the financial support of UNICEF.

“We have attracted funds from UNICEF to support families with children. We will provide support to 20 thousand families to prepare for school. It is a package of 4 thousand lei, which must be used strictly for the needs of the children”, pointed out the Minister of Labor and Social Protection.

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