The Government will work with UNFPA to improve the quality of population data

The government will collaborate with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Moldova to improve the quality of data on population, youth programs and women’s health, as well as other priorities on the agenda of the two institutions.

The Secretary General of the Government, Dumitru Udrea met with the Resident Representative of UNFPA, Nigina Abaszadeh to initiate inter-institutional collaboration in the context of achieving common objectives.

“UNFPA is a trusted partner of the Government and we appreciate the support you provide for such important areas as women’s health, youth development and empowerment, and overall family and population well-being. Moreover, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, UNFPA has been involved and helped both the refugees in Ukraine and the host communities”, emphasized the Secretary General of the Government.

Nigina Abaszadeh mentioned about the new UNFPA country program, the realization of which will start in 2023 and which has as direct beneficiaries young people, women, and elderly people. UNFPA aims to work with the Government to develop youth employability, critical thinking and business skills, to inform girls and women about reproductive health and prevent abuse, to improve population data in order to develop sound public policies and representative.


 “We will continue to support refugees from Ukraine at the level of the entire host community to benefit the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who have been so generous to their neighbors throughout this period,” said Abaszadeh.

In the context of the implementation of the “European Moldova 2030” National Development Strategy, Dumitru Udrea reiterated the Government’s commitment to create modern hospitals and high schools, so that citizens have access to quality health and education services.

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