The initial stage of negotiating Moldova’s accession to the EU has been taken. Explanatory screening session in Brussels by the Ministry of the Interior

A delegation from the Ministry of the Interior, led by State Secretary Andrei Cecoltan, along with representatives from the General Prosecutor’s Office and the Public Services Agency, is currently on an official visit to Brussels. Officials in Chisinau are discussing their efforts to align with European standards and prepare the country for accession to the European Union with their European counterparts.

The discussions cover issues related to justice, freedom, and security. This chapter is part of the European Union acquis and is an important EU policy issue that the Republic of Moldova must negotiate with each country.

“During the explanatory screening session, the team representing the Working Party on Chapter 24, along with European Union experts from the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) and the Directorate-General for Home Affairs (DG HOME), will thoroughly discuss and assess the issues relevant to alignment with the EU acquis, by the specific requirements of Chapter 24,” informs the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The working group, which is managed by the Ministry of Interior, is responsible for coordinating and implementing the necessary reforms to align the country’s legislation and practices in the fight against organized crime, law enforcement cooperation, counter-terrorism, prevention of radicalization, and judicial cooperation in criminal, civil, and commercial matters.

The member institutions of the Working Group are several Moldovan ministries, the Customs Service, SIS, CNA, the Criminal Assets Recovery Agency, the National Centre for Personal Data Protection, the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the State Protection and Security Service.

” The explanatory screening phase is a crucial opportunity to enhance dialogue and cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and the European institutions. This marks the commitment and significant progress of the Republic of Moldova towards accession to the European Union,” states MAI.


The first step in the accession negotiations is the explanatory screening process. This process is carried out jointly by the European Commission and the candidate country and covers 33 chapters of the EU acquis. After completing the process, bilateral meetings will be arranged, which will culminate in the screening report. Negotiations are initiated following the relevant decision of the EU Council of Ministers and once the Republic of Moldova fulfils the opening criteria.

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