The Investment Agency organized the most important event in the field of tourism – “Moldova Tourism Forum”

The Investment Agency and the Ministry of Culture organized the second edition of the “Moldova Tourism Forum” between September 29-30. The most important event dedicated to the tourism industry in the Republic of Moldova gathered renowned experts from all over the world, heads of state institutions relevant to the field, representatives of the business environment, the associative environment and the diplomatic corps.

The main purpose of the event is the identification of priorities, the dissemination of good practices and the consolidation of a sectoral platform through which to boost the development process of a strong industry, based on sustainability and innovation. For two days, presentations and specialized workshops were held, the main trends, challenges and development directions in the tourism industry, regionally and globally, were analyzed.

The objective of “Moldova Tourism Forum 2022” was to promote the role of tourism for the development of the economy, good governance and the social field. The tourism industry fully contributes to three development objectives: increasing incomes, creating jobs and promoting the country’s image. Until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sector contributed 5% to the value of GDP or approximately 500 million dollars.

Ion Iordachi:

Ion Iordachi, Deputy General Director of the “Invest Moldova” Investment Agency: “The tourism industry has gone through several transformations in recent years, and the latest challenges call us to strengthen our interventions and public policies. The recovery of the tourism industry needs prompt and decisive actions, support for companies in the field, and a strategic vision for the development of national tourism products. The forum provides a platform for discussions and creates a sustainable connection between tourism service providers, representatives of institutions that regulate the field and tourists who access these services”

In order to be able to align the development steps of the industry with international trends, the best practices in the region were analyzed, as well as the experiences of other countries with a similar tourist offer. Industry actors focused on several main topics: sustainable development of tourism; diversification of Moldova’s tourist offer; creation of regional partnerships; the promotion of the country through the involvement of the diaspora, but also other current issues for the field.

Dumitru Udrea:

Dumitru Udrea, Secretary General of the Government of the Republic of Moldova: “The development of tourism and the number of tourists in our country is a priority of the Government for the coming years, found in the National Development Strategy “European Moldova 2030″, as well as in the new National Development Program of tourism. The government aims to develop the country as a sustainable and competitive tourist destination, bringing economic, social and environmental benefits to local communities and future generations. Today’s forum is a good opportunity to promote the tourism industry in the Republic of Moldova, to appreciate and support the efforts of thousands of people active in the field”.

“A small country with a big heart” is the leitmotif of the event, as well as of the national campaign carried out by the “Invest Moldova” Investment Agency. A message that highlights the generosity shown by the people of this country and the companies in the field of tourism to support Ukrainian refugees.

Sergiu Prodan:

Sergiu Prodan, Minister of Culture of the Republic of Moldova: “In addition to the fact that tourism is an engine of growth, tourism can also contribute to the stimulation of social inclusion, the preservation of cultural heritage, national pride and dignity, social cohesion and the integration of national minorities, building a path for peace and dialogue. The restart and recovery of the tourism industry needs prompt and pragmatic actions, as well as creative solutions and resilient ecosystems”

“Moldova Tourism Forum, organized by the Investment Agency, is supported by the MCTA Project and the Technologies of the Future Project funded by USAID and Sweden. For the first time, the event took place in May 2021. At the second edition, 75 speakers shared their visions, experience and ideas they propose to develop sustainable tourism in 13 discussion platforms.


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