The leaders of the country laid flowers at the Eternity Memorial Complex

The President said that on May 9, Moldova honors the memory of its citizens who fell in the Second World War and who fought for the restoration of peace on the European continent. 

“Today, we commemorate Peace as May 9, 1945, marked the dawn of tranquility across our continent. Today, we see Europe as the most sustainable and successful peace project. It is a day that reminds us how fragile peace is, how much pain war brings, and that we must do everything to prevent wars on the continent and in the world at large. For Moldova, the shortest way to sustainable peace is integration into the European Union,” Maia Sandu said.

Parliament Speaker Igor Grosu believes that humanity should learn the lesson that there are no winners in any war. 

“The most tragic thing is death. What remains is the timeless ache of memory, intricately woven into the destinies of those yet to come. Another lesson is what is happening in our region. Today, let us remember those who truly contributed to peace in Europe. We should remember and tell our children about the past,” Igor Grosu emphasized. 


The European Commissioner Johannes Hahn attended the laying flowers ceremony. The official paid tribute to those who suffered and fought to defend the fundamental values of the European continent.

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