Police are keeping an eye on the Two-Color Ribbon. Efros called to promote national symbols at the May 9 demonstrations

Police officers will monitor whether citizens wearing the St. George ribbon promote military aggression. Interior Minister Adrian Efros announced it on the air of the program “Rezoomat” on Rlive TV. At the same time, the minister specified that the authorities call on citizens who will participate in demonstrations on May 9 to promote national symbols.

“I urge citizens to promote our national symbols, the tricolor, and wear a tricolor ribbon. As for the two-color ribbon, everyone will be personally responsible for it. The police and the Inspectorate General of Carabinieri will monitor the situation in the city. If police find violations, they will draw up protocols according to the procedure established by the legislation in force,” said Adrian Efros.

At the same time, the Interior Minister clarified that the use of a two-color ribbon may mean propaganda of military aggression.


“I will give one example. The ribbon can be attached to a message promoting military aggression or war in Ukraine. It can be attached to some hate messages or various derogatory messages. There are some standard procedures that the police will follow. In each specific case, authorities will individually take appropriate actions,” the interior minister said.

In 2022, parliament banned the wearing of the two-color ribbon, considering it as a sign of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Later, the Constitutional Court overturned these provisions, citing the fact that it was necessary to establish that people using a two-colored ribbon glorify an attack on a neighboring country.

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