The Moldova Future Technologies Activity. Annual Program Statement

The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) is a five-year project financed by USAID and Sweden and implemented by Chemonics International. The purpose of FTA is to enhance the competitiveness of Moldova’s transformative sectors, including light manufacturing, ICT, precision engineering, creative industries, and digital media production, and to improve the country’s integration with Western markets in these sectors. It will do so by facilitating sustainable partnerships between Moldovan business associations, centers of excellence and innovation, and similar institutions and anchor firms and regional and international business associations and investors; improving the productivity and export sophistication of local companies; fostering the introduction of green technologies and sustainable best practices; enhancing the access to affordable finance, and by creating a labor force that is better aligned with the private sector needs, especially for youth, women, and vulnerable populations.

The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) is seeking concept papers from companies working in creative industries which require new equipment or technologies to make an innovation leap that will increase their competitiveness through product or service diversification. FTA is also seeking concept papers from creative companies that have established a partnership with a company in another sector to develop a creative product or service. The grants will be awarded and implemented in accordance with USAID and US Government regulations governing grants under contracts and FTA’s internal grant management policies.

Grant Concept Paper can be found here


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