How a Moldovan chef sold a caramelized carrot recipe to a wealthy man from China

Petru Scalețchi, known in the country as “Bucătarul Diplomat”, who has been living in France for some time and is a personal chef, tells how he managed to sell a caramelized carrot recipe to a rotten rich Chinese businessman. Petru says that he got 1000 euros without too much effort, writes

I started working on yachts. I had a guest from China, I would say number 1 in the top 10 richest people in China. He came with his daughter, his wife and two guard boys. I prepared for his daughter a caramelized carrot recipe which she liked a lot. After a while, the manager from the villa where they were staying called and asked me to tell him what I cooked for them, because they had been cooking for three days and his daughter did not like anything. He told me that if his daughter is not happy, he is not happy. They had to cook something he liked, said Petru Scalețchi in the podcast Titania Podcast, made by journalist Tania Însurățelu.

Petru Scalețchi revealed that he refused to pass on the recipe that belongs to him for free. Thus, he would have demanded a remuneration.

You want the recipe, you have to pay money for it. The recipe is mine. He came (the businessman) later on the yacht and asked me to prepare my caramelized carrot recipe again, telling me his daughter liked it. I cooked the carrots, and In the evening, when he was about to leave, he approached me and said:

“Please tell me the recipe.”

– No.

– You want money?

– Yes.

– How much do you want?

– I want 1000 euros.

– A thousand euros? No problem.

– Call a guard and get the money, said him.

Meanwhile in my mind: I should have asked 10,000. Why didn’t I say 10,000!?

Petru Scalețchi currently lives in France on the Cote d’Azur. Previously, he participated in the show “Chefs with Knives” in Romania, as well as the show “Bucătarul Diplomat” on Jurnal TV. At the same time, Petru Scalețchi cooked for both the German ambassadors to Moldova and the ambassadors of the United States of America to Chisinau.

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