The Moldova Project team will distribute humanitarian aid to 1,000 refugee families in Ukraine

The unprecedented crisis in Ukraine has forced millions to flee their homes, shattered families, shattered dreams and hopes. After the pandemic crisis, war is a new test of solidarity for our citizens, a test of goodwill and tolerance. Currently, the Republic of Moldova hosts the largest number of Ukrainian refugees in the region, in terms of population. We are a welcoming, generous people, and once we join forces, we can be even more effective, stronger in our desire to do good and promote peace.

The economic and social reality in the country shows the complexity of managing the refugee crisis. Many of the families from Ukraine, mostly women, the elderly and children, have been warmly welcomed by our rural citizens. It is often about retirees, lonely people, who have modest living conditions. The situation becomes even more dramatic when we learn that refugees do not have the financial resources to cover their daily needs.

The “Project Moldova” team received products totaling 900,000 lei, which will be distributed to the 1,000 beneficiary families. These are food and hygiene products for the families of Ukrainian refugees, housed in the villages of Cimișlia, Călărași, Hâncești, Anenii Noi, Dubăsari and Criuleni districts.

“We have been working with vulnerable families and children in rural Moldova for more than 14 years. Since the beginning of the military conflict in Ukraine, we have adapted our activity to provide assistance to refugees coming to our country, providing border transport, food donations, clothing and hygiene items, assistance in identifying accommodation, therapeutic activities for children. and other types of support. During my frequent visits, requests were also made to provide support to refugees housed in Moldovan families. This need is becoming more and more pressing, and people are very worried about their future and the problem of covering basic needs “, mentioned the president of the Public Association” The Moldova Project “, Victoria Morozov.

The Moldova Project was founded in the UK in 2008 and registered in the Republic of Moldova in 2020. Its mission is to help the most vulnerable families in the Republic of Moldova to overcome their vulnerability and build a safe and independent life. thus preventing the abandonment and neglect of children.


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