The Moldovan army will receive significant financial assistance of €41 million to purchase non-lethal equipment

The Council of the European Union has adopted a decision to provide significant financial assistance of €41 million to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova. The European Instrument for Peace aims to enhance national security and stability in the defence sector through financial support, as reported by

Over 40 months, the aid will be allocated to provide non-lethal equipment in crucial areas such as mobility, aerial surveillance, electronic warfare, and logistics equipment. According to sources, this support will enhance the operational effectiveness of the Moldovan Armed Forces, accelerate their compliance with EU standards and interoperability, and contribute to more effective protection of civilians in crisis and emergency situations.


The Republic of Moldova submitted a request for this support on 5 February 2023, and the EU Council’s decision is a continuation of the assistance previously granted through the European Instrument for Peace, according to Bani. md. This initiative demonstrates the European Union’s commitment to improving the defence and security capabilities of its neighbouring partners.

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