(VIDEO) The public association “The Future of Cobusca Noua” managed to create a common cultural space in the locality

In a world where every person deserves an equal chance at happiness, there is a passionate and compassionate association dedicated to providing light and hope in the village of Cobusca Noua in Anenii Noi. The “Future of Cobusca Noua” non-profit association’s members are a group of parents who believe in the power of education by example. The organization won a grant from the HEKS/EPER Moldova Foundation and succeeded in creating a common cultural space of the village on the premises of the Public Institution Gymnasium Cobusca Noua.

“The community was receptive, supportive. Everyone tried to do their best, but we focused on handicrafts and traditional cuisine. There were two sewing sessions in the church. In the first session, the participants were introduced, we did master classes where we demonstrated what and how to do it… Yes, there were people, who already knew the technique. We also had people who came for the first time and were happy to do these works. Through these organizational moments, we remind what has been forgotten, we teach the coming generations something new,” Tatiana Racu, parent, and coordinator of the handicraft master class said.

Felicia Ciorba and Sofia Ceban took part in the church’s handicraft sewing activity and shared their experience: “It pleases you when you make a church work and you see your work, your success. This activity was carried out to unite the inhabitants of the village. When all the villagers get together in class and start working, you feel such harmony.”


Lucia Cotorobai, manager of the project “Social cohesion through the promotion of national values” implemented by the organization “The future of the village of Cobusca Noua” with the support of HEKS/EPER, says that the activities to promote local traditions and customs, organized in the village gymnasium, contributed to the exchange of values, culture, empathy and good cooperation between generations.

“Vulnerable people took part. They were gladly and willingly involved in our activities. We have spacious, well-equipped, heated rooms where we welcomed them, we had a good, friendly time. We are a small, beautiful village with traditions and customs. This project was implemented through the association, which is welcome… The parents from the village, the inhabitants are aware of all the transfers, all the purchases, what is done through our association” – said Lucia Cotorobai.

The project’s aim financed by HEKS/EPER Moldova is to create a common cultural space in the village on the premises of the Public Institution of the Gymnasium Cobusca Noua. This is done to meet the needs of local people already involved in making carpets, clothes, and other traditional accessories, local talents in conventional cuisine, integration of socially vulnerable people, those with other cultural backgrounds, refugees in activities promoting traditions and customs while providing the possibility to create employment opportunities and promote the image of the locality.

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