The Moldovan-French tax convention abolished double taxation.

Today, 23 April, the Convention between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the French Republic for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion and avoidance concerning taxes on income, signed in Chisinau on 15 June 2022, came into force. The provisions of this Convention will come into effect on 1 January 2025, as announced by the Foreign Ministry.

The implementation of the Convention represents a pivotal advancement in the evolution of economic ties between the Republic of Moldova and France. The removal of double taxation for both natural and legal persons will strengthen economic relations between the two countries and make Moldova a more attractive destination for French investors. A favorable legal and fiscal framework is essential for starting and developing business in Moldova.

The Convention will also strengthen the financial and tax systems of the two countries. By coordinating actions and exchanging information effectively in the tax field, we will advance the Moldovan-French economic dialogue and implement investment projects of common interest. This cooperation will further strengthen bilateral relations and create new opportunities for both countries in terms of economic and trade development.


The entry into force of this Convention will undoubtedly strengthen the basis for closer cooperation between the Republic of Moldova and France in the fiscal and economic fields. It will also reinforce mutual trust and promote a favourable and transparent business environment.

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