The Moldovan government approved amendments to the travel documents list

The government approved amendments to the travel documents list presented by foreigners when crossing the state border of Moldova.

According to the document, the temporary passport, presented to cross the state border of Moldova, was added to the list of travel documents issued by the Swiss Confederation, the Italian Republic, the Republic of Lithuania, and the Federal Republic of Germany.

At the same time, the authorities will add the temporary or “emergency” passport to the travel documents list for the Kingdom of Belgium, the Kingdom of Denmark, the Republic of Finland, the French Republic, the Republic of Ireland, and the Slovak Republic.


“The purpose of this project is to grant the right to free movement of people based on the issuance of some new types of travel documents by several States.

Another reason justifying the need for changes is the practice at state border crossing points, which indicates the need for regulatory intervention about citizens of states exempted from the obligation to present a visa when entering, leaving, and transiting through the territory of our country,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs explains.

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