The Moldovan Ministry of Defense to increase its budget

The budget for the Ministry of Defense will be increased by 14.5 million lei, according to the draft amendment to the State Budget Law for 2022. Thus, according to the document, the allocations for the Ministry of Defense from the state budget will amount to 1,047.2 billion lei.

In this sense, expenditures on the “National Defense” sector will increase by 1.4%, respectively from 884.1 million lei to 896.8 million lei.

The main increases concern personnel expenses (+9.0 million lei), the provision of fuel and lubricants for the activities of the National Army (+3.5 million lei), the development of the feasibility study for the initiation of the capital investment project (+1.0 million lei ), current repairs of the rooms and procurement of furniture for the military within the military units (+0.7 million lei).


It should be noted that until now, the budget for the Ministry of Defense was estimated at 1,032.6 billion lei, which constituted 0.38% of the Gross Domestic Product.

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