The most expensive spice in the world, cultivated in Moldova. The story of farmer Alexandru Druguș

Known as “red gold” – saffron is one of the most precious plants in the entire world. It is said that Cleopatra used it in cosmetics, Alexander the Good – to treat wounds after battles, and the great scholars Homer, Hippocrates and Shakespeare mentioned about the amazing qualities of the “crocus sativus” plant in their books. What’s more, Italian risotto and Spanish paella with saffron are among the tastiest dishes in high-end restaurants around the world.

After several years of working abroad, the young entrepreneur Alexandru Druguș decided to cultivate the famous Mediterranean spice at home, in Moldova. Today, he has a plantation of over 60 acres and a beautiful experience of harvesting this spice right in the heart of Moldova, writes


How did the Bioșofran SRL business come to life?

“The idea came after a discussion with a friend about returning home from abroad. We talked about a lot and everything, to finally say firmly that we want to grow saffron and develop something of our own, at home. I didn’t think long, I made a detailed analysis of the market, the way to grow this plant and I bought 500 bulbs from Holland. After just one year, we saw that the plant adapted perfectly to our climate and soil and even gave its first fruits. Thus, in 2021 we launched the Bioșofran SRL company and planted 25,000 new bulbs. No acquaintances, connections or a lot of money, just desire and dedication.”

“The first and most important use of saffron is in culinary art. It gives a very beautiful color to the dishes and a specific, natural aroma. The greatest chefs around the world use it in their dishes. In addition to gastronomy, saffron is widely used in cosmetology, for treating acne, minimizing wrinkles. It is also a plant with miraculous properties used in medicine, for strengthening immunity, revitalizing the nervous system, gastrointestinal functions, analgesic, antitussive, etc. The golden rule – let’s use it sparingly. In the Republic of Moldova this is a relatively new and unknown product, but with development potential. Our clients are mostly legal entities. We collaborate with well-known restaurant chains that cook more special dishes with saffron. We are discussing collaboration offers with cosmetics manufacturers and even wine producers. In some countries of the world, the unusual combination of wine and saffron is already becoming popular. It’s something very interesting, both in taste and aroma.”

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