The Moldovans who created a lavender paradise at home

Meet Grigore Țîcu. He studied marketing and economics in Europe, and after graduating he decided to return home and help his family business: the lavender paradise in the village of Novaci, wirtes Klumea.

The story of the purple paradise from Călăraşi began in 2009, when Ion Țîcu, a therapist who had been in Italy for 11 years, decided to invest in his hometown. In 2014, they planted the first lavender plants on an area of ​​3.5 hectares, so that later the plantation was expanded to a total area of ​​5 hectares.

Simultaneously with the first plantation, the Țîcu family also applied for ecological certification, thus “Mov Herbs” is one of the first companies producing lavender Moldova, internationally certified as organic.

˝The choice to create 100% natural and biological products is the basis of the “Mov Herbs” concept, our main objectives being respect for nature and the health of consumers, even if this means a lower profit”, said Grigore.

Even though lavender is a plant that doesn’t really have pests, the biggest problem farmers face is the lack of fertilizer and labor:

˝ The biggest problem we face is the lack of quality biological fertilizer. At the same time, because the plantation is ecological, almost all the work is done manually, moreover it is very difficult for us to find reliable people who could help us, and this discourages us a lot. ˝

“Mov Herbs” products have reached customers from Romania, Italy, England and Germany. Another problem farmers face is the fact that they have to pay a lot for two organic certificates: one local – to be able to apply for subsidies, and another international one to be able to sell our products abroad.


Among the products that the Țîcu family is most proud of are essential lavender oils and organically certified teas. Thanks to Grigore, “Mov Herbs” also has an online store. One click and the lavender oil is delivered all over the country. At the same time, Grigorie gave us 3 reasons why we must have lavender products in our homes:

  1. Oil is a small savior of your home! In addition to having relaxing properties, it can be mixed with cream and used to soothe irritated or burned skin. The best way to use the pure oil is through aromatherapy using an ultrasonic diffuser.
  2. Lavender flower bags are the worst enemy of wardrobe moths
  3. Lavender tea is recommended for a peaceful and healthy sleep

In order people to learn about the wonderful products he creates, Grigorie started organizing events in the lavender field. At the same time, through them, the young man wants to educate the visitors and teach them how not to damage the plantation: not to break it, not to trample it, not to steal it.

When you smell the lavender oil, you feel as if all the fields of Moldova were gathered in one small bottle! This is precisely why Grigore wants to create an online store for the diaspora, so that everyone can buy the flavors from home much easier.

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