The number of car accidents has increased significantly

Between January 1-12, 2023, the emergency number 112 received an average of 54 calls regarding road accidents during 24 hours. There were 101 on January 12 alone.

Out of the total of 589 requests, there are 450 minor road accidents, 39 involving pedestrians, 35 cases of hitting an obstacle, 32 accidents with traumatized people, 11 cases related to hitting animals, two accidents with deceased people and two cases of accidents with public transport, according to the statistics of the 112 Service.


Some accidents occurred as a result of unfavorable weather conditions, the officials say. For comparison, the daily average in 2022 was 68 cases.

Last year, most accidents were recorded in the months of December, August and September. In this context, traffic participants are requested to respect traffic rules and to behave in a way that does not affect the flow and safety of traffic.

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