The Number of Moldovan Citizens in Israel and Gaza: Insights from the Ambassador

Legally, around 7,000 Moldovans are working in the construction sector on Israeli territory. Additionally, about 5,000 individuals from our country provide home care services.

Moreover, in the region, there are compatriots who emigrated at some point and acquired Israeli citizenship. These clarifications were made by our country’s ambassador, Alexandr Roitman.

“On the territory of the State of Israel, 13,000 citizens officially work, 7,000 in construction, and approximately 5,000 in the field of home care. There are citizens with dual citizenship, those who emigrated at some point, and it’s hard to estimate how many there are. If we refer to the West Bank, we don’t have any from that direction. As for Gaza, according to our estimates, there are 100-120 citizens. We are in contact,” mentioned the diplomat.

For now, Moldovans in the region have not requested evacuation. Diplomatic mission representatives last spoke with them before the press statements.

Previously, Romania announced the evacuation of 800 individuals from Israel. Approximately 350 Romanians are in the Gaza Strip, of which 1,000 have requested evacuation.

According to Roitman, among the repatriated Romanian citizens from Israel, there are also individuals who hold Moldovan citizenship.


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