The Office of the Ombudsman inspected a prison in Transnistria

For the first time, representatives of the “People’s Advocate” undertook a monitoring and inspection visit to the Penitentiary in Hlinaia village, Grigoriopol district, temporarily under the occupation of the secessionist forces from Tiraspol.

According to the Office of the People’s Advocate, the head of the Varnița representation of the Ombudsman, Veaceslav Ursu, and the so-called human rights representative from Tiraspol, Veaceslav Cosinschi, had a meeting with one of the inmates of the penitentiary – Petiş Mihail.

The head of the Varnița representation had access to the medical card of the detainee Petiș Mihail, where the investigations and medical examinations, as well as the treatment of the detainee, are recorded.


During the discussions between Veaceslav Ursu and Petiș Mihail, in the presence of Veaceslav Cosinschi, the detainee reported that “he has no objections regarding the conditions of detention and the quality of the food”.

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