The Path to a European Moldova: Reconstructing Infrastructure Beyond Words

“Only with well-developed infrastructure will Moldova truly be European. Over the past 2 years, we have initiated an extensive process of reconstruction. Now, halfway through our mandate, I know that we must do more. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and over the next 2 years, build and execute projects that will fundamentally change the way our country looks. We will rebuild roads, bridges, aqueducts, sewage systems, railways, seaports, airports, parks, schools, kindergartens, sidewalks, cultural centers, sports fields, and playgrounds for children. Moldova will be European not just in words.”

The statement belongs to Minister Andrei Spînu, who presented today during a press conference the Plan for the Reconstruction of Moldova’s Infrastructure. The plan includes 5 plus 1 strategic priorities through which European living conditions will be created for every citizen. These five priorities are as follows:

Priority Number One: European Roads Throughout the Country – all expressways, national, and regional roads, totaling almost 6000 km, must be of good or very good quality.

Priority Number Two: European Rail and Maritime Transport – we must increase the speed of trains within Moldova and develop the state port at Giurgiulești.

Priority Number Three: Modern Road Transport – our major objective is for people to feel comfortable, reach their destinations safely and on time, whether traveling within the country or abroad.

Priority Number Four: Water for All – all localities in the country must be connected to public water distribution networks.

Priority Number Five: European Villages – well-arranged and cared-for localities.


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