The price of gas has gone crazy! One thousand cubic meters – 1900 USD

The “futures” price in August at the TTF hub for natural gas in Europe reached 1900 USD for one thousand cubic meters, writes BANI.MD.

For the Republic of Moldova, the price of methane in July reached 980 USD, and Moldovagaz has already addressed ANRE with the request to increase the tariff for final consumers, to 24.45 lei with VAT. The company justifies the increase due to the tariff losses of 2.5 billion lei.

The cost of gas is also affected by declining supplies in Russia, including through the Nord Stream gas pipeline. On June 14, Gazprom reduced gas supplies through Nord Stream compared to the plan, due to the premature return of gas pumping units by Siemens after unfinished repairs. Because of this, only 40% of the gas that can be pumped to the maximum capacity of the pipeline is currently delivered through Nord Stream.

In addition, on June 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree by which a Russian LLC will replace Sakhalin Energy as the operator of the Sakhalin-2 project.


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