The quality of social services provided to children will be improved

The quality of social services provided to children and families with children will be improved, and the responsible authorities will be able to intervene promptly to prevent risk situations. Today, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Concept of the information system in the field of child protection.

Therefore, the new system will facilitate the process of collecting, processing and disseminating data obtained from various public authorities, responsible for the segment of social assistance, health, education, public order and justice, which participate in the implementation of social protection measures for children.

At the same time, the system will replace manual reporting processes that use paper-based forms, data collection by telephone or through files, integrating them into a unitary system, based on a coherent information structure.

“This tool will monitor performance in the case of children registered by the guardianship authorities, in terms of providing social services, preventing and combating violence against children, repatriation of children, assistance to child victims / witnesses of crime.”

The information system is in line with international standards and is also adapted to existing needs and requirements at national level.

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