The Republic of Moldova electricity prices soar

The electricity is going to increase in price up to 4.77 KW/h for domestic consumers served by Premier Energy, according to the ANRE decision approved urgently in November 2 meeting.

Thus, ANRE approved a rate of 4.77 lei KW/h compared to 4.88 lei KW/h as requested by Premier Energy. This means a 51.4% increase compared to the current rate of 3.15 lei KW/h.

For FEE Nord, the approved rate is 4.81 lei compared to the requested 6.03 lei KW/h. Or 66.7% more than the current rate – 3.21 lei KW/h.

The tariffs will enter into force on the date of publication in the Official Gazette.

The two operators justify the request for the tariff increase due to the rising prices of the electricity bought on the European market by Energocom.


Under these conditions, S.A. “Energocom”, the entity designated with the public service obligation to procure electricity, will have to cover this deficit through purchases from the stock exchange platforms in Romania, the price of the purchased electricity being at the level of the European market.

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