Maia Sandu met with the EU delegation at the Moldova-EU Parliamentary Association Committee

President Maia Sandu met with the EU delegation at the Republic of Moldova – European Union Parliamentary Association Committee. The delegation was headed by its president, Siegfried Mureșan.

President Maia Sandu discussed with the delegation members the European agenda of the country, the actions taken by the authorities to fulfill the conditions formulated by the European Commission, and the need to establish the next steps.

“The head of state spoke about the efforts to reform justice, the successes and the obstacles to this reform. The discussion also focused on the energy crisis and the country’s immediate needs to face this crisis, but also on medium-term plans to ensure the country’s energy security”, the Presidency announced.

President Maia Sandu thanked the partners from Brussels for the support given to our country in obtaining the status of a candidate country for EU membership and for the financial support in recent months.


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