The resignation of the Gavrilita government is not a political crisis, assured Sandu

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, when asked about how appropriate the dismissal of the Government led by Natalia Gavrilița is for the Republic of Moldova, assured that there is no instability or political crisis. Several statements on this subject were made on the show “Punctul pe AZi” from TVR Moldova, the edition of Wednesday, February 15.

“There is no political instability. The next Government will be inaugurated tomorrow (February 16, 2023) and the continuity of the reforms will be ensured. This Government is going to continue the reforms, in particular, those required by the European institutions in order to advance on the path of EU integration”, declared Maia Sandu.

According to the head of state, the designated prime minister Dorin Recean will be based starting from the safety of citizens, the security of the state, and the development, and growth of the economy.

“We are affected by Russia’s war, including economically we are in a difficult situation, but there is no political crisis and there should be no worries in this regard”, assured Maia Sandu.


We remind you that earlier today, Andrei Spînu, the former Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, ex-deputy prime minister, and now general secretary of the President’s Office, had a post on his Telegram account on the same topic. “Friends, I’ve been watching how efforts are being made over the last few days to put some ruckus in our team. Speculations, rumors, falsehoods, and accusations are launched by all kinds of people and channels that serve those who want to destabilize and steal our country. Please don’t take them seriously. We move forward together. Tomorrow the new Government will be voted on. We have a lot of work to do and we will ensure that there will be peace in the country. We need stability to continue our European journey. Moldova will succeed!”, wrote Spînu on Telegram.

Natalia Gavrilița announced her resignation on February 10. Later, Dorin Recean was designated as a candidate.

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