The Seventh Edition Unfolds: The Musical Expedition “La La Play” Crosses the Prut River

The Moldovan National Youth Orchestra, together with Kaufland Romania and Moldova, kicks off the new edition of “La La Play” – the “Danube” edition. The geographical horizons of the expedition expand, while the mission remains unchanged – bringing quality music to unconventional spaces for people in villages and towns. The project’s debut in Romania will revolve around the Danube River, encompassing central and eastern counties adjacent to its waters.

After six years of musical journeys through Moldova and over 150 locations that brought music to approximately 14,000 people, the Moldovan National Orchestra team launches the musical expedition “La La Play” beyond the Prut River. The expedition aims to support talented youth, culture, and showcase lesser-known spaces in Romania. At the same time, the project highlights the importance of environmental protection, green tourism, and reducing plastic consumption.

Andriano Marian, the founder and coordinator of the Moldovan National Youth Orchestra, states that through this year's "La La Play" expedition, the team aims to discover the villages and towns of the Dunăre Delta. "We come with new energy in 2023, and we are eager to explore new regions, possibilities, and audiences. We will explore five counties, six towns, and approximately 30 tourist locations, where we expect to meet around 5,000 spectators. The expedition will culminate in the Dunăre Delta, where we will get to know the villages and nature of these famous historical places." 


In turn, Anna-Katharina Scheidereiter, the CSR Manager at Kaufland Romania and Kaufland Moldova, emphasized that the musical expedition “La La Play” is a good opportunity to remind ourselves that we should be more responsible towards nature.

"After many beautiful experiences gained in the Republic of Moldova, we are crossing borders and bringing quality music to exceptional places in Romania. In this first edition, we will draw attention to the areas along the Dunăre, admire the beauty of the locations, and also remember the magnitude of our responsibility towards nature." 

The expedition team will consist of six young musicians: Ionuț Ciocanu (violin), Petrică Bivol (violin), Dmitrii Iurcik (cello), Grigore Topor (accordion/piano), Stas Goncear (vocals/cajon), and Călin Ganea (vocals/guitar). All concerts will be performed live, in open-air, unconventional spaces, and the repertoire will be fusion-style.

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