The situation in the Republic of Moldova – discussed in the European Parliament

The European Parliament debated on Tuesday, March 14, the situation in the Republic of Moldova. The Romanian MEP, Siegfried Mureşan stated that the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union is the surest way to guarantee the stability and security of the country in the long term and called for the opening of accession negotiations before the end of this year.

In the same way, the MEP requested that oligarchs from the Republic of Moldova could be sanctioned in the same way as those from Russia.

“We know that the citizens of the Republic of Moldova want European integration, we know that the current authorities in Chisinau – president, government, the parliamentary majority – want European integration. We also know who does not want this: the Russian Federation and the oligarchs who have been used to controlling the business environment, the political scene, and the mass media in the Republic of Moldova in recent years,” said the MEP.

At the same time, the Romanian MEP also stated that the Republic of Moldova must be supported financially so that its authorities can help citizens and businesses get through this period well.


“First of all, we must tell the Republic of Moldova, after the implementation of the 9 reforms we requested, what is to come. And I say: as soon as these 9 reforms are implemented, we must start the accession negotiations to the European Union during this year. We need to liberalize trade with the Republic of Moldova so that the Republic of Moldova can, like Ukraine, export as much as possible to us, so that it can develop economically. And, even before accession becomes possible because accession is a process that will take several years, we must integrate the Republic of Moldova into the European Internal Market. This will bring benefits for people”, concluded Siegfried Mureşan.

A resolution regarding the situation in the Republic of Moldova would be put to a vote in the European Parliament, in a future plenary session.

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