The EU will buy a long-range mobile radar for the army of the Republic of Moldova

The European Union is to allocate another 40 million euros for the army of the Republic of Moldova, amid the revelations about Russia’s efforts to overthrow the pro-Western government in Chisinau, writes the EU Observer.

According to the source, citing an internal EU memorandum, most of the money will be spent on a “long-range mobile ground-based surveillance radar” to help the Republic of Moldova control its airspace.

The rest of the money will be spent on light tactical high-mobility vehicles and vans, forklifts, buses and trucks, communication equipment, and anti-hacking.

The money is to come from the program of the European Peace Facility (European Peace Facility), a common fund of 8 billion euros created by the EU countries, the largest part of which is intended for Ukraine.

Procurement for the Republic of Moldova will be managed by Estonia’s military procurement branch – the Estonian Center for Defense Investments.


The Republic of Moldova also intends to purchase “an aerial surveillance radar system, to complement the radar proposed under EU assistance measures”, adds EUobserver.

On March 6, the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the leader of the governing party (PAS), Igor Grosu, stated in an interview that the Moldovan authorities requested the EU for anti-aircraft defense systems, through the program of the European Peace Facility.

“The European authorities have expressed their availability”, said Grosu, adding that “the decision is still under analysis”.

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, several rockets have flown over the airspace of the Republic of Moldova and fragments of rockets have fallen in several localities in the north of the republic, on the border with Ukraine.

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