Igor Grosu, about the sponsored protests: We are witnessing a hybrid attack organized by the Russian Federation

The Constitutional Court has all the arguments on the table to expose the unconstitutionality of the Şor political party. This is what the President of the Parliament of Moldova, Igor Grosu, says, who urges the population to put public pressure on the institution of the prosecution and the magistrates of the Constitutional Court for a finality regarding the file of illegal financing and regarding the outlawing of the political party Şor. Igor Grosu qualifies the protests organized by the Şor Party as actions to destabilize the situation in the country, orchestrated by the Russian secret services and politicians at odds with the law, notes ipn.md.

In the last few days, the members and sympathizers of the Şor political party insistently ask the authorities to pay the bills for the winter months in full. During the protest actions, the demonstrators blocked the traffic on the streets of the Chisinau municipality or on the national routes. The Speaker of Parliament says that all those who participate in disrupting traffic will be penalized according to the law.

“This is not a genuine protest. They are externally paid protests, organized by a criminal group. The police are doing their job. Document each violation. Those who are guilty must know that they will be punished and suffer the consequences for blocking national arteries. We are witnessing a hybrid attack from an alliance of bandits and the Russian Federation. The Russian secret services, together with the corrupt and the bandits from the Republic of Moldova, have clapped and are trying to destabilize the situation in the country”, said Igor Grosu in the “Secretele Puterii” show on JurnalTV.


The President of the Parliament says that there are two institutions that can put an end to these crimes, namely the prosecutor’s office and the Constitutional Court.

Igor Grosu says that the experts of the Venice Commission have left to the discretion of the Constitutional Court in Chisinau the possibility of outlawing the Șor political party, and the magistrates of the Court are going to express themselves shortly regarding the constitutionality of the formation led by Ilan Șor.

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