Tiraspol wants a final peace agreement with Chisinau: To guarantee that we do not attack each other

Tiraspol wants a final peace agreement with Chisinau. Vitaly Ignatiev, the head of the so-called Transnistrian diplomacy, made the remarks in an interview with the Moscow press.

The official from the separatist region pointed out that the region does not want to return under the leadership of the constitutional authorities. Moreover, he accused the government in Chisinau of ignoring Tiraspol’s opinion when it decided to apply for EU membership.

“We are in a situation where the Moldovan leadership must show wisdom, an adequate approach to current realities, be aware of these realities, sit down at the negotiating table with the Transnistrian leadership and sign a final peace treaty, in which mutual non-aggression is guaranteed. I think we should put an end to this conflict, because de facto Moldova has created the legal basis for the existence of an independent Transnistria, ”said Ignatiev.

The Transnistrian official concluded that the region orients itself toward the Kremlin. However, he was reluctant to say whether a referendum would be held there in order to join the Russian Federation.

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