BR Media and Realitatea strategic partnership to support the local video and TV content creators

The production company BR Media Group and the Realitatea Press Group, represented by the founders Roman Burlaca and, respectively, Dumitru Țîra, signed a strategic collaboration agreement on April 26th, 2022. This partnership aims to support local video product creators and develop the local production market. The collaboration agreement provides for the broadcasting of Creators Point podcasts on the RLIVE TV schedule during Prime Time, but also for their promotion through thematic news on the online platforms and social networks of the Realitatea press group.

Roman Burlaca, founder of BR Media Group, Creators Point: “Thanks to this partnership, products with an online audience are expanding their visibility, reaching TV screens as well. The podcasts that will be broadcast very soon are: “Titania Podcast”, “Talmazan Talk” and “NUD”. Creators Point is the first digital media service in the country that helps digital creators with almost anything. We are with the creators ‘project from pre-production to the promotion of the final product and we provide as many ways of distributing and capitalizing the content as possible, so that the authors’ results are constantly growing. We have studios, equipment and professionals in the field to produce video and TV content of any complexity ”.

Dumitru Țîra, founder of the Realitatea press group: “The citizens of the Republic of Moldova deserve a local product of high quality. I am glad that we have reached this mutually beneficial agreement to develop together – Realitatea and Creators Point and to help local creators and producers not only become known, but also to release their talents in a competitive environment on TV, online and social networks. Realitatea has multiple platforms in Romanian, Russian and English, so we can deliver products to the audience, considering their personal preferences. For me, this agreement is a continuation of all the efforts made to support the creators of local film productions and audiovisual products. “

The Realitatea press group supports the investments made in the production of quality video content, which is why RLIVE TV and the 4 online portals of the group have become an open platform for promoting author shows and podcasts that are modern, fit into the deontology of the profession and promote values that are line with the development goals of the media market.

The collaboration agreement is part of consolidating the content of RLIVE TV by completing the grid with local video productions, interesting for the public in the Republic of Moldova and in the diaspora.

RLIVE TV is part of the Realitatea press group, being the first live broadcast television from events of public interest in the Republic of Moldova. RLIVE TV’s schedule also includes its own shows: the political talk show “REZOOMAT”, the author’s shows “10 LEI”, “PRODUCERS”, “ORA DE LIVE CU TRAIAN”, the co-productions “YouMore News” and “Подкаст на двоих”, as well as other independent media products: Территория Свободы, Mai Departe, Fără Protocol, Alo Capitala, Just VLOG, Unu Noaptea, etc..

Founded in 2014, the Realitatea press group operates RLIVE TV, the live online broadcasting platform, the,, and news portals. New projects and platforms are also coming.

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