To combat unauthorised use, Moldova will ban additional firearms and ammunition

Several types of firearms and ammunition will be prohibited in Moldova. Parliament has approved the increase in the list of equipment that cannot be used on our soil, with 74 MEPs voting in favour.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs developed the initiative to align national legislation with European legislation. Through legislative changes, the authorities aim to combat unauthorised or illicit use of weapons and ensure their effective regulation.

“The list of prohibited firearms and ammunition has been extended by several positions: automatic weapons converted to semi-automatic weapons; semi-automatic weapons with centerfire and short barrel allowing the firing of more than 21 rounds; semi-automatic weapons with long barrel allowing the firing of more than 11 rounds without loading.

It will also impose bans on magazine operations for semi-automatic firearms, which may contain more than 20 rounds or more than 10 rounds in the case of long-barrelled firearms,” Parliament’s press service said.

The authors propose supplementing the Law on the Regime of Civil Weapons and Ammunition with new concepts. These are ‘ammunition with explosive projectiles’, ‘ammunition with incendiary projectiles’ and ‘ammunition with armour-piercing projectiles’.


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