Together for a greener Capital! 4 thousand trees – planted in just a few hours

The tree planting campaign in the Capital continued today in 90 educational institutions in Chisinau, where approximately 4,000 trees, shrubs, firs, and flowers were planted. The Mayor of the Capital announces that at the “Gloria” Theoretical High School with Sports Profile, together with the teachers and students who study in this educational institution, he planted 40 linden trees on the School Alley.

Also today, 100 trees were planted at the “Pro Succes” Theoretical High School, opened this year after Capital repair, where 800 students study.

Today, trees were planted in all sectors of the capital:

  • In Rîscani sector, the prefectural representatives and volunteers planted trees in Jerusalem square, bd. Moscow, in the square on Matei Basarab street.
  • In the Center sector, they planted spruce trees in Hristo Botev Square.
  • Lime trees were planted at Botanica, on Teilor street.
  • Junipers and linden trees were planted in the Ciocana sector, on the Școlarilor de Jos Alley.
  • Plain trees were planted in the Buiucani sector on A. Șciusev street.


It is worth reminding you that it has been a week since the massive planting campaign started. Trees are planted in all the parks and squares that have been recently rehabilitated, on the street alignments, and on the territory of schools and kindergartens.

By the end of this month, 60 thousand trees and shrubs will be planted in the capital.

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