Even if its almost winter, the Capital turns “green”! Hundreds of people participated in the Tree Planting Campaign

Adults and children, young men and old ones came this Saturday to make the Capital ‘greener’. Hundreds of people participated in the 2022 edition of the Tree Planting Campaign. The start of the event was given by Chisinau City Hall last Saturday and will continue throughout the month of November.

The president of the Youth League from the Republic of Moldova, Ion Curmei, was also present at the event and said that the young people worked hard to plant as many trees as possible.

“We have been planting trees for many years in a row. We like to green the city because we live here and we think it is a good and noble thing for everyone to participate in such events. We have around 50 young people, who are divided into different areas. It would be good to be organized at the country level as well because it’s nice when people strengthen themselves and do beautiful things”, declared Ion Curmei.

Also, several employees of a banking institution came to Rîșcani Park in the Capital, who also brought their families to plant trees.

“We brought the children to be accustomed from a young age that they must respect nature. This is our future, the source of oxygen, and our health. They like this kind of activity. We think it’s good that we brought them”, said a volunteer, who came with her children.


We remind you that last week the director of Î.M. “Association for the management of green spaces”, Victoria Covali, stated that the month of November was not chosen by chance for this campaign.

“We specifically chose this period, because it is the most optimal to ensure that the material that will be planted will have great success. We want to reduce gas emissions and a green and sustainable city”, said Victoria Covali.

Today, in several locations in the Capital, young trees will be planted in all the parks and squares that have been recently rehabilitated. Plantings are also organized on street alignments, where trees are missing or have been cut down because they presented a danger to passers-by; on the territories of schools and kindergartens, especially in the courtyards of the 90 institutions suffered as a result of last summer’s calamities.

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