“Top wineries in Moldova visited by wine lovers”

The Republic of Moldova boasts some of the richest vine cultures, with viticulture being a well-developed branch in the business market, while Moldovan wines are recognized abroad as some of the most aromatic wines, being awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals at international competitions. 

Wineries in Moldova are the ideal place to taste the best Moldovan wines, to share stories with friends and indulge in the tastiest traditional Moldovan dishes. 

You wonder how many wineries there are in Moldova? Most likely, we would not have enough time in just one day to tell you about all the wineries that exist, but this did not stop us from compiling a list of the most renowned and visited wineries in the Republic of Moldova!

  1. Cricova – one of the most beloved wineries in Moldova

Cricova Winery represents a unique Underground Complex, recognized and appreciated by the whole world for its extensive labyrinths and exceptional wines. The underground city, which has 120 kilometers of underground tunnels, is visited annually by over 50,000 tourists from all over the world. It can be visited as part of a guided tour or as part of events such as Sparkling Party, Must Fest or Underland Wine Fest.

  1. Asconi Winery – renowned in the Republic of Moldova

Among the wineries in Moldova, Asconi Winery has about 400 hectares of vineyards located near the village of Geamăna, 40 kilometers south of Chișinău and 10 kilometers from the winery. Here, varieties of Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, and Chardonnay are grown, which is why Asconi is one of the most renowned wineries in Moldova.

  1. Chateau Cojușna – a winery in the heart of Moldova

Located in the heart of Moldova, just 15 kilometers from Chișinău, Chateau Cojușna produces about 10 types of wines and has vast underground cellars. If you ever come close to Chișinău, you should not miss its rare collections of over 175,000 bottles of wines kept underground. Moreover, most of the wines are dessert wines. If you want to feel like a true knight from the medieval era and taste a select wine, wine tastings take place in a room that seems to be ripped from the Middle Ages at Chateau Cojușna.

  1. Purcari Winery – the oldest in the Republic of Moldova

Being the oldest among the wineries in Moldova, Purcari Winery is the only place in Moldova where the favorite wine of royal families is served, having a rich history of producing the highest quality Purcari Red and Black wines. Located in the village of Purcari, this winery is renowned for its great wines, which are paired with savory gastronomic experiences. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain’s 1987 collection or vintage wines from 1948 are just a few of the treasures hidden in the cellars of Purcari Winery.


  1. ATU Winery – one of the wineries in Moldova for lovers of artisanal wines

 ATU Winery is the first urban winery in the Republic of Moldova, located in Chișinău and dedicated to lovers of artisanal wines in limited editions. Thanks to its unusual location and the abundance of color obtained through exceptional murals that appeared after hosting the Urban Fest festival, the ATU winery is appreciated by all tourists who choose to visit it year after year.

  1. Mileștii Mici – the galleries that increase Moldova’s tourism. 

Among the wineries in Moldova, Mileștii Mici has the largest underground wine gallery. These underground galleries at Mileștii Mici were even included in the Guinness World Records for their grandeur. Of the over 200 kilometers of tunnels carved into limestone, 55 kilometers are used to store over 2 million bottles of wine, breaking records in the category of the largest wine collection in the world. Mileștii Mici Winery is visited annually by over 25,000 tourists.

  1. Et Cetera – among the top wineries in Moldova. 

Are you looking for a wonderful place to explore the lands of Moldova? The Luchianov family has created a true oasis in the village of Crocmaz, with charming views, vineyards, an orchard of peaches, a restaurant with tasty dishes, and a small winery, Et Cetera. All of these are complemented by a cozy hotel, a lavender plantation, a pool, and wonderful hosts. With a production of quality wines and an impeccable reputation in the Republic of Moldova, Et Cetera is among the most visited wineries with accommodation in Moldova.

  1. Castle Mimi is among the most visited wineries in Moldova. 

Constantin Mimi, the former governor of Bessarabia, left the Castle Mimi as a legacy to Moldova. After a century of neglect, the castle was restored and today represents one of the most refined destinations in Moldova, with a winery that has preserved its history and traditions. Tourists who choose to visit Castelul Mimi, one of the most spectacular wineries in Moldova, can take a tour of the castle, have lunch or dinner at the Bufnița Albă restaurant, or stay overnight at the winery hotel.

  1. Poiana Winery – a divine landscape of Moldova. 

Do you want to escape the everyday landscape and admire a spectacular view, with a good glass of wine? You just have to run to the heart of the Codrii forest, to the Poiana winery. The vineyards in this region are cultivated as they were in the past, which is why the wines produced here are often awarded at international competitions. The Poiana winery seems almost like it’s taken from a movie, so it’s no wonder that it is one of the most visited wineries in Moldova!

10.Chateau Vartely brings wine to the level of art.

 Located 45 kilometers from Chișinău, Chateau Vartely is one of the most famous wineries in Moldova. With a unique architecture and a fairy-tale landscape, the Chateau Vartely winery is also known as the business card of Moldova, enjoying the presence of over 100,000 tourists from all over the world. Wine is brought here to the level of art, ideally blending with the architecture and wine museum elements. Furthermore, the winery also has a hotel where you can stay overnight to have more time to enjoy yourself.

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